top 5 tips for refreshing your office space in 2022 flux commercial

Want to give a refreshing yet unique look to your office space? Consider following these five tips & makeover ideas to make your office space productive and aesthetically pleasing.

As a business owner, you have to ensure your employees are content with the office design. An uncomfortable office environment can directly affect the productivity of your employees, thus impacting your business significantly. Investing in your office layout can prove to be beneficial for you and your employees. Several business owners consider adding comfortable office fitout in Melbourne, VIC. to enhance employee productivity and create a vibrant, lively and efficient office space. Although most business owners contemplate refreshing or updating their office space because of its expensive and time-consuming process. However, refreshing your office space with new office fitout ideas and designs shouldn't be expensive and time-consuming!

Whether you are moving into a new space or want to update and add a highly-functional commercial office fitout in your existing office space, consider following these five tips and provide a unique look to your space.

1. Get Organised

The first step in refreshing and updating your office is simple - organise the entire space. Before starting the process, make sure you clean and declutter the office space. Throw away files that are not in use and clean your computer desktop. Decluttering will help you organise the space without interrupting any process. Make sure you follow these steps while organising your office space:

  • Discard unnecessary stuff from your office space.
  • Start labelling each file or section and make it organised to spend less time searching for them.
  • Maintain cleanliness around your desk areas.
  • Keep your workspace as open as possible.
  • Create designated storage boxes to manage your paperwork and documents in one place.
  • Follow a 30-minute cleanup routine to keep your office space organised.

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2. Consider Adding Greens

A gloomy atmosphere and monotonous coloured walls can affect the productivity of your employees. To bring a refreshing change and incorporate colours, consider adding some plants. Several studies reveal the positive impact of green plants on employee productivity. Here are some greens that you should consider incorporating in your office space:

  • English Ivy - Also known as common ivy, English ivy requires low maintenance and offers a unique look to office spaces.
  • Golden Pothos - Also known as devil's ivy, golden pothos require medium to low indirect light to grow and promote clean air.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

One of the easiest ways to refresh your office space and give a new look to your interior is by simply rearranging your furniture. Most office spaces keep their commercial office fitouts in Melbourne at a fixed place. However, it can restrict you from trying something new and innovative. You can try changing the place of your desks, allowing natural light to pass through, or upgrading to new furniture for a trendy look. However, make sure the arrangement looks organised and well-maintained.

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4. Bring in Some Scents

Maintain a pleasing aroma around the office space to ensure your employees or clients feel refreshed. Most workspaces consider using a candle or air freshener to create a comfortable and relaxed environment around the office.

5. Consider Painting Walls

Choosing the right paint colour for your wall can maintain a lively and enjoyable environment in your office space. Various studies show that colours evoke raw emotions and bring a sense of positivity among the employees. You can easily brighten up the environment by considering vibrant colours.

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