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Delivering Custom Corporate Fit outs in Melbourne

We believe in providing our customers with a professional and personalised service in terms of buying corporate fitouts in Melbourne. At Flux Commercial, we help you purchase fit outs that are suitable for your business and with no limitations on size or complexity. Our professional and dedicated project managers satisfy the unique needs of corporate fit outs of every customer, ensuring a quality job is undertaken while meeting your timeline and budget.

From inception to completion, our professional team guarantees that you will experience an unparalleled level of service, knowledge, and industry expertise to help buy one of the best corporate fit outs in Melbourne. With such a vast variety of fit outs and quality services, we have cemented our position as one of the leading boutique corporate fit out companies in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

We are proud to deliver quality custom corporate fit outs to businesses in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our team guarantees seamless, high-quality fit outs for retail stores, restaurants, cafes, offices, pharmacies, and medical centres. Because of our extensive experience in tailoring fit outs solutions for all industry sectors, we guaranteed you high quality and premium fit outs.


Quality Retail Fitouts With Complete Finish

Unlike some other retail fit out companies in Melbourne, our professional team handles the entire completing process of designing and building retail fit outs in-house. Our team of experts includes the best facility planners, interior architects, project managers, and in-house trades, who ensure that your project is delivered seamlessly and with precision. The process of designing and building quality retail fit outs in Melbourne starts with our leading interior architects and strategy experts collaborating to come up with a design that supports your fit outs objectives. Once the design is approved, our in-house construction team takes over and gets the job done. With such work precision, you can be assured that your retail fit outs in Melbourne will be completed on time and within budget. At Flux Commercial, we guarantee to provide you with a fixed price and completion timeline. We also provide a lifetime guarantee on our work. Our professionals are THAT confident about their work and can do it way better than anyone.

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Our Process

We understand that you must have had a picture in your head about how your business would ultimately look like. At Flux Commercial, we specialise in taking all you have dreamed or envisioned and make it a reality.

Flux Commercial is an expert when it comes to arranging every element of your fit out project. We coordinate all trades and utilise the services of our skilled industry partners to ensure your fit out project is delivered with great results. Our team also ensures you achieve high-quality work in limited timeframes and within budget.

Our dedicated project managers will originally be the primary point of contact for your project who will help program and control the corporate and retail fit out to meet a particular schedule. At Flux Commercial, we focus on 5 fundamentals that ensure your fit out project is delivered with amazing results; Communication, Cost, Quality, Timing and Service.


Why choose our retail and corporate fit outs in Melbourne?

At Flux Commercial, we believe in teamwork. Our first-class interior architects, workplace strategy experts, and highly experienced project managers work together to design and build one of the best corporate fit outs in Melbourne. Our in-house construction crew finishes all the construction work with a guaranteed fixed quote and within a certain timeline. Our professionals have a knack for paying attention to details. They tend to continuously update themselves with current industry trends, knowledge, and a huge network of resources. We also maintain frequent communication with our customers to ensure they receive one of the best outcomes. At Flux Commercial, we are confident that we can deliver the best corporate, retail, and office fit outs in Melbourne, VIC.

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