COVID 19 The Future of Modern Office Fit Outs in Melbourne

COVID-19 has changed the corporate world last year. Today, we explore how the designs of modern office fit-outs in Melbourne will change after the pandemic.

The pandemic has completely changed the way we work in Melbourne. Whether corporate, a small office or a local business, many of us were forced into lockdown and had completely shut down, leading to a large vacancy of office spaces.

    • For all business owners, the ramifications of the COVID-19 lockdown was overwhelming.
    • It has led businesses to face a huge revenue losses and experience new working conditions. However, now that the world is getting used to the new normal, various businesses are adapting and changing the way they work; setting working conditions up for success as they return and reopen.
    • However, the only challenge most businesses might face when planning for a return will be dependent on the structuring and designing of the workplace.
    • We've learnt that office spaces need to adapt to prevent highly contagious viruses from spreading. It is important to rethink the traditional office layout to help minimise close contact between employees.
    • This will future-proof office spaces ensure businesses stay healthy and prepared for what will come. For modern office fit-outs in Melbourne to work in conjunction of potential future conditions, social distancing, access to sanitsation and hygiene are important factors. These guidelines can be followed with the Australian COVID SAFE plan.
    • Currently, millions of people are working from home. Various organisations are analysing and identifying the best workplace designs and how they can include flexible corporate fit-outs in Melbourne.

So the question remains, what will the modern office space will look like after 2020?

To help you get a clear picture of how Melbourne's corporate fit-outs will look, we have highlighted the possible office furniture designs that most organisations will adapt.

The Best Agile Office Design Trends After the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. New Office Layouts Keeping Social Distancing in Mind

    • The most challenging part of returning back to work will be ensuring staying 1.5m apart from everyone. Offices will have to ensure social distancing between every workstation and corporate fit-outs in Melbourne, to make them feel safer.
    • A safe working environment will enable employees to provide a maximum output and focus on the work, instead of being worried about catching on to the virus.
    • So, will the size of our corporate fit-outs in Melbourne increase to adhere to the social distancing norms? or Will the corporate fit-outs in Melbourne be more flexible and designed to create spaces between workstations?
    • The design of corporate fit-outs in Melbourne will vary from one business to another.
    • Businesses with open layout for corporate fit-outs in Melbourne can opt for huge tables to cater to multiple employees.
    • The concept of "hot-desks" should be adopted by offices to ensure a six-foot distance between workers.
    • Additionally, between each corporate fit-outs in Melbourne, offices can use glass screening panels to allow employees to interact with safety.

2. Considering Wide-Open and Extended Floor Plans

    • Having open office spaces provides a myriad of benefits to both business owners and employees.
    • It is proven to increase the productivity of employees. That is why open office space will always be on-trend.
    • Wide-open and extended floor plans offer trouble-free and effortless cleaning. As a result, it limits or decreases the chances of worker and surface interaction.
    • Door handles, arms of the chair, and corporate fit-outs in Melbourne are some of the most contacted objects in the office, which makes them a potential super germ spreader among employees.

3. Careful Selection of Furniture and Finishes

    • Offices will have to use adaptable and flexible furniture. Additionally, they will also have to pay close attention when selecting a Melbourne's corporate fit-outs business.
    • Modern office fitouts in Melbourne which are easy to clean and sanitize will be an ideal choice for all offices.
    • Additionally, offices can even opt for the latest appliances and technology to limit an employee to employee touch.

Here are a few keynotes to help select the right modern office fit-outs in Melbourne:

    • Use lightweight and flexible modern office fit-outs in Melbourne that are easy to move, reconfigure, and sanitise. Choosing such a type of modern office fit-outs in Melbourne will ensure the safety and work productivity of your employees. Additionally, such modern office fit-outs in Melbourne can even provide you with the flexibility to change office floor plans.
    • Offices can also opt for modern office fit-outs in Melbourne that are easy to clean spills. For instance, microfibre couches and chairs are perfect modern office fit-outs in Melbourne that can withstand heavy wear and tear. Having such functional all-around fabric in modern office fit-outs in Melbourne are also easy to clean and maintain.
    • Some finishes of modern office fit-outs in Melbourne are quite cheaper and easier to clean. Modern office fit-outs in Melbourne with self-cleaning surfaces are perfect for offices post-pandemic. Modern office fit-outs in Melbourne with self-cleaning surfaces can remove dust, debris, and bacterias from surfaces.

It is hard to predict how corporate and retail fit-outs in Melbourne will look post-pandemic. But we hope that our office designing tip will help you adapt to a new working environment. At Flux Commercial, we provide flexible, customised, and affordable fit-outs across Melbourne. Our corporate and retail fit-outs in Melbourne are designed most functionally to help access a better working and safe environment. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact our team on 1300 822 148.